Thanksgiving turkey dinner

Maybe it’s the cool breeze in the air, the color and crunch of the leaves, the abundant harvest being gathered or maybe it’s just the time spent with family and friends enjoying the harvest. Call it fall, autumn, harvest time, whatever you will, it is still the most beautiful time of year.

Only Fall is dedicated to providing you a glimpse into that magical time of year no matter if you’re sweating it out in summer, frozen stiff in winter, or fighting off some drunk spring break college kid who thinks he’s Gods gift to women and coincidently now pretending to be a charging bull. Ah yes…fall…we wish you could linger for more than a quarter of the year, but alas…

Some of the glimpses into our orange tinted world may not be real, but the emotions they will invoke and memories that will come to your mind will be very real.

We hope you enjoy and would love to hear what YOU think of when you think of fall!